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Love: Yourself February 6, 2013

LOVE: Brief (and maybe not so brief) explorations for our February class focus.

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BotanicalFlowersFace(July12)My therapist says that I am courageous for what I admit.  For facing my shame, my anger, my mistakes.  For requesting face-to-face communication with those I’ve hurt.  For writing letters where that is not possible…for them or perhaps for me.  For sharing my story of healing, growth and change.

Yes.  I agree for the most part.  Except here: I don’t feel brave when I admit my mistakes.  I feel terrified that the cycle of hurting others and being hurt by others will never end.  I feel concerned that I might never transform into the being I yearn to be.  And most pronouncedly – I feel ashamed.

Yet.  I am not ashamed to confess that I am working through a history of feeling ashamed.

Thankfully you encourage me.  You – the readers, the writers, the poets, the philosophers.  The yogis, the teachers, the friends, the strangers.  The higher powers, the healers.  You encourage me to love myself no matter what.  To unfailingly accept my humanness; to warmly embrace the messiness; to resolutely resign to the process; to absolutely, wildly and wholly surrender…

…to it all.

And I hope and pray that you will always love yourself this way, too.

“When you feel sad [or angry or terrified or ashamed, I would add  ~ HM], feel sad.  Be in it.  Offer it tenderness and a spirit of curiosity.  The yogi’s project is not to deny all complicated feelings in favor of forced joy, but to sit with everything human that arises and trust it will pass.  As everything always does.”  ~ Rachel Meyer, yoga teacher

Much love from me to you.  Thanks for reading.  OM Shanti.

*  *  *

How do we recognize and trust our hearts’ desires?  How can we harness the impulses tugging at our hearts, and shape them into a deeper purpose?  Join me on Saturday, February 23rd, 3-5:30pm at Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington, DC for “Follow Your Heart.”  In this Sankalpa Vinyasa practice, Holly facilitates heart-centered Asana, self-inquiry and journeying, so students can tap into the flow of their deepest intentions. Re-ignite your 2013 resolutions – or, discover a completely new direction.