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Bi-Monthly Focus: September/October – Yoga In Action September 4, 2010

September marks the beginning of our new focus for yoga classes. Over July and August, we reflected on “Why Yoga?” and wrapped up by exploring the idea of giving back.  Our quote by Max Strom (see “Focus: Why Yoga? – Giving Back”) reminded us that only by focusing first on our own healing can we effectively be of service to others.

These next two months, our focus is “Yoga In Action.” We will explore self-care, being cared for, community, self-inquiry, acceptance, gratitude and other practical elements of yoga.  In relation to those actions and attitudes, we will see how our healthy, supported selves can sustainably offer our yoga in service to the world around us.

As mentioned in my “Giving Back” post, there is a broad range of ways to move our yoga into action.  Perhaps a restorative Asana class gives us the peace of mind to face a stressful situation; maybe yoga’s overall gifts inspire us to share that gift as a volunteer.  And so on.

On Facebook, “Yoga In Action DC” (a local effort of Off The Mat Into The World, for whom I am an ambassador) launched a “30 Ways in 30 Days” campaign, inviting yogis to report how they take their practice off the mat and into the everyday world, every day of September.  We invite you to chime in to our campaign!  Please log on to Facebook and search for the “Yoga In Action DC” group page.  You can see how local yogis like Caitlin Uzzell (of Flow Yoga Center and Anahata Grace), Charlotte Raich (Seva Coordinator at Yoga Alliance and loving mom), Caroline Millet (yoga teacher at Past Tense and Tranquil Space), Maggie Cunha (Seva Coordinator at Past Tense and AIDS relief worker) and others are setting intentions.

In the classes that I teach, we are kicking off our Yoga In Action focus by continuing a self-care theme.  Remember, as they say on the airlines, “In the case of a change in cabin pressure, four masks will drop from the overhead compartment.  Please put your own mask on first, before attempting to help those around you.”

Put your own masks on, yogis.  Take good care.  OM Shanti.

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