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Focus Wrap Up: Gratitude November 30, 2010

Thank god for Facebook!

I NEVER, EVER thought I’d hear myself say those words. Yet indeed, I am grateful for the social media connector that I ignored for years.


Because my Facebook community brims with love-filled, purpose-driven, truth-telling, soul-baring, mistake-making, frustration-sharing, poetically-waxing, wisdom-seeking yogis and other beautiful humans who strive to live an intentional life. Throughout the day, if I need inspiration, I scan their motivational posts and move onward energetically.

To complement my FB “friends,” my “Like” organizations and businesses also share enriching information and shares. Links to blogs, videos, articles and more have brought me to smile, weep, laugh and chant!

As a yoga teacher, my News Feed provides infinite resources for designing classes, attending workshops and growing toward new influences. I appreciate and learn from everything that fellow teachers, students and others post!

This week someone quipped that I need a Facebook intervention. True that if I had a day job, I might have less time for page surfing. When I get that day job, I will happily devote my attention there. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy reading about moving speeches, devotional songs, yoga classes around the world, daily intentions and even husbands who water the silk plants instead of the real ones.

Hindu deity Saraswati nurtures creative community, eloquent communication and learning. I pray for her guidance as I continue to connect through social media.

On this final day of our November Class Focus of Gratitude, I give thanks for…of all things…Facebook. Strange but true. Thanks for being there!

OM Shanti.