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Irish Yoga Music March 18, 2010


I typically stick to devotional music for yoga classes.  But yesterday afternoon I was pinched by my mother’s ancestors.  So, in the spirit of St. Patrick, I fused spiritual roots and mixed yoga with Irish rock.  Thanks to one of our students for requesting the set list.

During warm-up:

  • Damien Rice – Dogs (“The girl that does yoga…”)

During Surya Namaskaram & Vinyasa:

  • Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues
  • Van Morrison – Sweet Thing
  • U2 – Beautiful Day
  • Eddie Reader – I Felt A Soul Move Through Me
  • Swell Season (from the film ONCE) – Falling Slowly

During Integral Yoga floor poses:

  • Hothouse Flowers – The Older We Get
  • Interference (from the film ONCE) – Gold
  • Waterboys – When Ye Go Away
  • Damien Rice – Older Chests
  • Swell Season (from the film ONCE) – Once

During deep relaxation:

  • U2 – Grace

And post-class:

  • Waterboys – When Will We Be Married & Jimmy Hickey’s Waltz

‘Twas a lovely class last night, lassies (and our one lad, Patrick…appropriately).  Thanks for spending St. Patrick’s Day in a yoga studio!  OM Shanti.

(PS – Intro to our March/April class focus of TRANSITION & BALANCE, as well as related bloggings on BASEBALL & YOGA coming soon!)