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Love: The Privilege of Teaching Yoga February 5, 2013

LOVE: Brief (and maybe not so brief) explorations for our February class focus.

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Photo: Larkin Goff

It is a privilege to teach yoga.

It is a great responsibility to hold space for others.  For those who so courageously walk through the door, enter the room, step onto on the mat.  Who surrender themselves to be guided in this ancient tradition.

It is an outright honor to facilitate the birth of awareness, transformation, growth, intention, purpose, discipline.

I invite people to think or move or breathe or notice; I encourage, I cheer; I sit or stand or walk around; I instruct, I demonstrate, I practice.  Sometimes I pray.

This is my “vocation!”  And although I dedicate myself to mindful class preparation, ongoing trainings, regular practice, community building, yoga blog writing and other areas of this “job,” teaching yoga is not “work” for me.  The students do the real work.

Sometimes the depth of Sankalpa in the room is startling.  Sometimes the commitment to lengthening the breath and slowing down the flow makes me think I live somewhere other than Washington, DC.  Sometimes the determination motivates my own dedication.  Sometimes the closing OMs are so sweet and soulful I get choked up and cry.

My role in all of this?  To simply guide students’ process of discovering what’s already within.  Just as my teachers guide me – and, just as they prepared me to do for others.

At the end of a long, fulfilling day of instructing brand-new beginners, sharing yoga tools for big transitions with a couple who is moving cross-country, and leading an intention-setting workshop for a student’s landmark birthday…I can’t even believe that this is what I get to do with my life.  I am lucky to be in a position to pass on what works for me.  And when someone says it works for him/her, too, I am both pleased and grateful.

I love this.  More than anything else in my entire life, I love practicing, studying and teaching yoga.  Great gratitude to the inspirations, guides, teachers and unknown influences who led me here.


Photo: Larkin Goff

Thanks for reading.  OM Shanti.

*  *  *

How do we recognize and trust our hearts’ desires?  How can we harness the impulses tugging at our hearts, and shape them into a deeper purpose?  Join me on Saturday, February 23rd, 3-5:30pm at Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington, DC for “Follow Your Heart.”  In this Sankalpa Vinyasa practice, Holly facilitates heart-centered Asana, self-inquiry and journeying, so students can tap into the flow of their deepest intentions. Re-ignite your 2013 resolutions – or, discover a completely new direction.


4 Responses to “Love: The Privilege of Teaching Yoga”

  1. Yogini Tiff Says:

    Beautiful. thank you. i feel the same way about teaching yoga. 😉

  2. Rachel Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂 Much love!

  3. Holly Meyers Says:

    Thanks you, Rachel! Love to you… OM Shanti.

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