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Full of Shift: 30 Days of New Energy – Week One January 4, 2013

HappyNewYear20122013(Dec12)I like to say that my personal brand slogan is “Nothing To Hide.”

In this blog, I’ve shared about addiction and recovery, violations and PTSD, yoga and non-violence, depression and celebrations, challenges and solutions.  Because I have thankfully found my way (and been helped) through a great deal of hardship in life, I like to tell my story honestly – the tough parts, the growth, the transformation and the solutions.

But there is one area of my life that I haven’t shared about here.  Because as of yet, I have not found the solution.  I have not transformed.  I am not growing.  And I am ashamed to tell you about it.  So far.

*  *  *

One week ago I launched this “Full of Shift” series (for background, see “The origins of ‘Full of Shift: 30 Days of New Energy’” below).  Since writing the blogs for Days 1 & 2 last week, I’ve simply posted daily “Full of Shift” reflections on my Urban Yoga Den Facebook.  Below are those posts, plus added commentary, for Days 3 through 7 (today).

*  *  *

12/30/12. Day 3.
No long blog today – just a quick check in, for the record.
This wind is sockin’ it to me! It’s blowing things all over the place!  While lighting my incense and chanting this morning, the message was – New Energy Is Here!

*  *  *

12/31/12. Day 4.
MAKE ROOM for the unexpected.
Delights and disappointments.
Successes and failures.
In that spaciousness –
community builds,
honesty emerges,
respect deepens.
Make room.
This reflection came to me during meditation this morning, as I considered the unusually good outcome of the unexpected bad news I received on Friday.  Due to miscommunication with our yoga studio’s building owner, I found out (only 3 days in advance) that I could not use our wonderful studio space for my annual New Year’s Eve Sankalpa Vinyasa event.  Disappointing, and potentially a failure for all involved.  Stress skyrocketed – but I did what I know best!  I reached out for help, shifted into “crisis resolution” mode, and found solutions.  And now, because so much has come together – community, people, space, rhythm, creativity and more – the situation ends up being a great success and delight for all.  Happy New Year!

*  *  *

01/01/13. Day 5.
After so much recent work on intention, and holding space while others dig into theirs, what came to me this morning during meditation is: I still struggle with how to make all the pieces fit together for sustainability. Ah – more information for next steps. Onward…

*  *  *

01/02/13. Day 6.
Big questions arose in this morning’s meditation.  Primarily: I see clearly that I urgently need to MAKE ROOM.  But how?  First I must make room in my mind to hear the answer!  Hence this 30-day ritual.
Later, I came across this on Facebook.  I don’t know who Dr. Robert Anthony is, but I’m just going to believe him today.  “Any dream that can pass through one’s screen of logic into the Subconscious and is earnestly desired, can be obtained.  Once you give up all the “logical reasons” why something cannot work for you and allow your new dream or goal to enter your Subconscious, it’s an idea whose time has come.”  – Dr. Robert Anthony

*  *  *

01/03/13. Day 7.
End of my 1st week.  Last night, at midnight, and under the waning moon, I prayed desperately to know what I need to let go of in order to make room for New Energy.  “Whatever you want me to, I will let go of it.  Take it away from me.  Anything.  Just take it.  Please.”
In an area of my life that I am ashamed to reveal, I am horribly, horribly stuck.  Last night I was pleading for answers.  And this morning, as soon as I woke up, I got them.  I think.   I scribbled:
“How do I make room for fresh energy?  By letting go of ego.  By quitting the old patterns of self-reliance, self-centered fear, old stories and negative beliefs.  Old patterns of sharing the solution for everything else and not admitting this unresolved problem.  I must take the risk of exposing myself humbly, honestly and earnestly.  I must ask for help and surrender to the care of Higher Powers (spirit, friends, community).  I am wincing as I write this.  The idea of admitting how bad it is turns my stomach.  But, what do I have to lose?”
After I wrote this, I lit my incense and chanted my 108 “Asato Ma”s.  And then I drafted a very honest letter to those I can trust.  More will be revealed.

*  *  *

Thanks for reading.  OM Shanti.

*  *  *

The origins of “Full of Shift: 30 Days of New Energy”

Over one month, from the Full Moon of 12/28/12 to the Full Moon of 1/26/13, I intend to awaken before dawn, light a stick of my new incense (a holiday gift, appropriately branded “New Energy”), practice Pranayama (yogic breathing) and chant 108 repetitions of the “Asato Ma” prayer (“lead me from falseness to truth, from darkness to light, from things that die off to that which is everlasting”).  As with all of my other intention “projects,” I am not trying to force a specific outcome – simply to ask how I can bring New Energy to my life, to listen to any answers, to witness the subtle yet abundant shifts of late, and to see what evolves.


6 Responses to “Full of Shift: 30 Days of New Energy – Week One”

  1. Brad Rice Says:

    Thanks Holly!!!

  2. dmac320 Says:

    Hi Holly,
    For the past few hours I have been reading your blogs. How I got here is irrelevant, yet I have to chuckle because it stems from my own avoidance of doing what I need to be doing to grow out of my rut of inaction in my yoga practice which continues to pop up on a very regular basis for me. But enough about me. I felt compelled to share with you that, being on the outside looking in, I wonder if you have considered the fact that your full time employment efforts have been foiled because you are really being called to move forward with your Ahimsa Now project. It sounds wonderful and certainly one that is needed in this country. I can’t think of a better way to help bring peace to this world than through the peace that comes through yoga. Just a thought! And thank you for your awesome writing…

    • Holly Meyers Says:

      Dear D-Mac (aka Deb) – Thanks for avoiding what you need to be doing, in order to read my blog and pass on some encouragement. As I wrote that, just now, I paused and took a deep breath because I do know that Ahimsa Now needs to happen. But it’s hard to launch a nonprofit while in debt, and without certain academic/business credentials…ahem…so I’ve heard! I do hear you, and I wish I knew how to make all my efforts and yearnings come together. One day at a time… OK, now go get to your to-do list and stop reading this! Seriously, though – your note gives me the internal OK-ness that I really need these days. Thanks again. OM Shanti. h* (PS – Aw, c’mon, please tell us how you got to my blog!!!)

      • dmac320 Says:

        Lol! If you really want to know I was looking at tattoos. I told myself that if I can get it together and take off these extra lbs I’ve picked up these past few years, well many lbs actually,(I’m pre mentalpausal!) that a new tattoo would be my reward. So instead of actually practicing, I was looking for my reward! Old patterns die hard!!! So anyways, I believe I clicked on one pic that led me to another that led me to your article on the yoga of tattoos. And so here I am…also I was thinking about what you said about not having the resources. My father always told me that i might not have what i want but i will always have what i need. This has always been true. I don’t know anything about the actual fundraising stuff or the start up of a non profit, but I do believe there are many people out there who are passionate for this cause. And based on what I’ve read, you seem to be a person who is present. If you’re willing to show up, the rest will happen! Offering up intentions for you!! And remember that giving up is not an option! Ever! Namaste…

      • Holly Meyers Says:

        Deb, I value your objective (purely objective!) opinion. You are doing HUGE yoga by offering intentions for, sharing insights with and encouraging me. I offer up intentions back your way – that perimenopause will yield only kind and gentle shifts (I’m in it now, by the way), that you give yourself a tattoo no matter what your weight, and that you move forward with whatever your dreams may be. Please look for me on Facebook (I’m easy to find via Urban Yoga Den, but I’m not certain of your actual name), so we can stay in touch and continue the encouragement! OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Namaste.

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