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Diwali Class Featured in Huffington Post! November 15, 2012

Quiet Mind Yoga Studio (photo: Rita Maximilian)

I am honored (floored, really) to be featured in this Huffington Post blog – “Diwali Yoga in Columbia Heights,” by religion journalist Dawn Cherie Araujo – about our special yoga class last night.

As my friend Sachin notes in the article, the practice was mind blowing.  I will not take credit for that outcome, however – it’s the result of the yoga itself, and a roomful of very strong intentions.  Heartfelt thanks to our students, from our wonderful little 8-year-old guest to the rest of the yoga veterans in the class.

Yoga is such a gift.  Love love love…  OM Shanti.



2 Responses to “Diwali Class Featured in Huffington Post!”

  1. Ganesh Says:

    Congrats! All the very best!! 🙂

  2. Holly M. Says:

    Ganesh, thank you so much! OM Shanti.

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