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20 Years of Yoga. 10 Years of Recovery. 1 Day at a Time. October 16, 2012

Over the past 20 years, yoga has changed me.

This journey of cultivating a constructive way of living has guided me through many styles and teachers, many stops and starts, and many hard-learned lessons. When I first started practicing in 1993, the transformation felt quick and intense. My insides were uprooted and exposed. I started to see myself clearly. My self-centered, self-reliant nature had landed me in the vice-grip of substance addiction. Long-term change was necessary, or I would die.

Thankfully, yoga gradually dissolved those destructive patterns; and after my 1st 10 years of practice I became flexible, willing and teachable. Still addicted, however, I reached an all-time low in 2002 – and I surrendered. I finally reached out for help.

I am deeply grateful to share that next Monday, October 22nd, I will observe 10 years of sobriety – and 10 years of complementing yoga’s foundational design for living with a recovery program that addresses the cunning, baffling and powerful disease of addiction.

Our October class focus is Change – how has yoga changed you? See you soon! OM Shanti.


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