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I Am Lucky April 7, 2012

I am lucky.  That in the midst of tough times, I can breathe deeply; enjoy the softness of post-sunrise spring; be entertained by dust particles swirling through sun rays; feel the cool air on my face and in my nostrils – and that same air heating as it fills my lungs; listen curiously to early morning birds, voices, pots and pans, cracking eggs; excitedly anticipate the smell of a neighbor’s breakfast cooking.

I am lucky to be interested in the beings around me; to break into an adoring grin when a child makes a strong statement; to gravitate toward the rowdy kids at the back of the bus; to feel sorrow and wish well at the sound of a baby crying.  To feel genuinely happy for the happiness, success, accomplishments and celebrations of others.  To feel concern when others hurt.

I am lucky to be willing to, resourced for and supported in healing, growing and strengthening.  I am lucky to have healers, teachers, mentors and strangers who fortify me.  I am lucky to have healed and grown enough to want the same for others, to share with them what worked for me and to serve when possible.

I am lucky to be resilient.  I am lucky that despite a rocky start in life, an uneven path and challenging consequences, I have come to embrace this journey.  I have come to feel at peace with what is.  And I have come to (most of the time) want to stick around and see what’s next.

Let’s see.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


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