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The Happy Heart Project: 100 Days Toward Joy August 26, 2011

“The Happy Heart Project: 100 Days Toward Joy” launches this Sun., 8/28.  Curious?  See below, then “Like” Urban Yoga Den on Facebook or subscribe to to stay informed, join in, and/or, share your efforts!

Under the new moon of Sunday, August 28, 2011 I will launch “The Happy Heart Project: 100 Days Toward Joy,” an effort to document my daily journey away from an annoyingly encroaching emotional darkness and toward the hopeful light of happiness.

The “Project” idea arose when Whole Foods Market discontinued my favorite morning ritual incense – Happy Heart by Maroma’s SPA line – leading me to buy their last 10 boxes.  “Hmmmm…100 days of Happy Heart, ” I thought.  And the project was born.

For 100 days from 8/28 through 12/5, I will wake up, burn a stick of Happy Heart incense and set an intention to grow toward joy.  I will see what happens during the day, and journal about it each night.  When I finish a 10-stick box of my precious incense, I’ll post an blog that covers my journey over those last 10 days.  The blog will also be posted on Urban Yoga Den on Facebook.

If you’ve read my blog lately, you know that I’ve been in the process of healing from a number of physical and emotional challenges (illnesses, health scares, betrayals, violations) – some have occurred over the past year, and some are connected to older events that have been triggered by recent trauma.  (Please check out “Be A Yogi” and other recent entries for background.)  During this 100 day Project, I’ll share the practices and tools from yoga and other resources that consistently guide me toward the inner peace that allows joy.

I know there are no guaranteed outcomes for this 100-day project – only intentions and footwork, one day at a time.

I’m excited to say that one yoga teacher friend unexpectedly exclaimed, “I’m with you!” and will be sharing the journey!  So, we invite you to join us – choose one simple heartfelt ritual for your morning, intend to practice it daily, and let us know how you’re doing from time to time!

Wishing you peace, joy, love and light.  OM Shanti.


2 Responses to “The Happy Heart Project: 100 Days Toward Joy”

  1. Well, if I can do a typical “lukewarm Catholic/mommy modified” version of this, then I’m in! I have to thank you again, because I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I did it a few days in a row and then thought about how nice it would be to mindfully ensure that I take this time every day. So what am I doing? (Sadly, it is not asana.) But happily, it it something that returns me to my roots. Every day, usually at lunch, I now eat a meal without any distraction from technology, the mail, the news, my daughter, etc. – just me and my food.

    It’s amazing to me that this is something that I have to mindfully do, but when you’re trying to keep up with a one-year-old, all your “me” time gets crammed into that lunchtime nap space. I found myself creating more anxiety in my day by trying to do all my emailing, news-reading, cleaning, eating, etc. at that time, or just not eating a real meal at all and grabbing bites in between feeding Sophie. When I do actually take the time to enjoy preparing and eating my food, I’m reminded of what an activity “eating” is in New Orleans. This is the way I was brought up, and when I went to the island in Italy where my ancestors are from, it was the same. In both places, the world slows down for food. It’s not just the fuel you need to keep yourself running – it’s a pleasurable experience meant to be savored and shared with good company. And I loooove that.

    So I want to make sure I don’t lose sight of this treasured perspective on food and on life. I firmly believe that we can take more nourishment from our food and we are more likely to eat healthy things in healthy amounts when we don’t multi-task while eating. I also believe that I’ve been stressing myself out by trying to accomplish too much every day when really, what is more important that my health? This little project is going to be a great reminder to me every day to slow down, be thankful for the wonderful life I have, and to celebrate something that most of us take for granted – the joy of a good meal. Thank you, Holly, for creating this opportunity for me!


    • Holly Meyers Says:

      Yay Christy! I am so happy that you found your own heart-warming ritual. I didn’t remember that you are from New Orleans – one of my favorite places to be (I lived there twice). And the Italian background…indeed, food IS important to you! I relate and am inspired by your treasuring of nourishment. Christy, I am so grateful that you are reading the blog – not for ego reasons, but for encouragement reasons! It is great to feel supported, and to have a fellow blogger and project-partner to cheer on, as well. Hurray to the joy of a good meal! Much love to you. OM Shanti. h*

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