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A Note About Student Feedback May 24, 2010

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Dear Students,

As a yoga instructor, I have been honored to receive comments from students who experienced something positive during our practice together.  Interestingly – the feedback increased over recent weeks, while I was deciding whether to apply myself 100% to my dream of teaching yoga and promoting yoga/arts activities.  Hearing from students reinforced my final decision to take the plunge.

So thank you for your kind and useful feedback!

I love sharing yoga and deeply appreciate hearing about students’ transformations.  It is life-affirming for me; and I feel grateful for their well-being.  Still, I can’t take the credit.  All credit is due to the student who shows up and gives themselves to the spirit of yoga.

If you feel a change, it’s because YOU are open to change!

YOU are the one who is willing to come to class despite grumpiness; YOU are courageous enough to try a new healing art; YOU are curious about unusual yoga music; YOU make the decision to use a yoga tool during your day.

As a “yoga teacher,” I’m just passing on what others before me shared in their classes.  Seriously – every pose, every suggestion, every idea that I share with you has been spoken or cued millions of times by thousands of teachers.  My job is to teach the basics while students tap into their own inner wisdom.

I remember my first yoga experiences.  My teachers humbly and generously offered their instructions.  I always felt that, although a person was at the front of the room giving directions, there was something beyond human conspiring to trigger something very intense.  My first regular practice was Kundalini yoga and it reached the most broken parts of my body, mind and soul.  My hips screamed, my thoughts raced, my heart healed.  I cried a lot.  Change came quickly, and I wasn’t always ready for it.  But I kept coming back.

As do you.

So take some time to thank yourself for walking down the street, placing your mat, OM-ing in and working out.  Indeed, it is YOUR presence, YOUR efforts, YOUR devotion that opens the body, mind and/or soul to some little spark of spirit that enters your being and creates a transformational moment.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


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