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A Prius for Earth Day April 22, 2010

My car was in the shop until today.

Last fall, a deer charged my back door while I was driving near Rock Creek Park.  Poor guy – a young buck, spooked by something, didn’t look both ways before darting across the street.  He did a face plant in my back door and left some little dents.  The collision was such a speedy blur, I had no idea what happened until I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a woozy deer knocked over on the road behind me.  He gingerly stood up, shook himself out, and proceeded across the street.

Checking in on him as he slowly navigated away from the road, we noticed that his mouth was cut.  Other than that, he seemed OK.  Well, I hope he’s OK.  Really.  I really, really hope that he’s OK.

As I said, that was last fall.  I finally took the car to the body shop a few weeks ago.  Then the shop had to do some follow-up repairs, which is why I just picked up the final product today.

My first rental car (complementary, by the way), was a Dodge Avenger – black with black leather interior.  As stealth and speedy as a Virginia State Trooper.  That was cool, ’cause I like driving fast.  But please don’t tell anyone.  Hehe.  I didn’t personally select the Avenger, by the way.  The planned loaner was a cute, tiny, grass green Dodge something or other, which came with a homeless man asleep in the back seat.  Hence the Avenger.

For my 2nd loaner car, they gave me the choice of a Chevy Impala (probably based on my Avenger thrills) or Toyota Prius.  And I chose the Prius.  And I must say, I felt pretty darn good about myself driving around in a Hybrid.  My insurance agent right-sized me by warning, “Careful you don’t feel TOO good about yourself.”  I thought that was pretty funny.  And true.

All this to say, Happy Earth Day.  Watch out for crazy bucks, check on them if they run into your car, and when given a choice, pick the Eco-friendly car.  You’ll be practicing yoga’s principles of Ahimsa, Pratipaksha Bhavana, and the Four Locks/Keys.  The deer will appreciate it, you’ll spread good vibes to the auto industry’s current underdog, and, the whole world will smile with you as you cruise around town feeling good about yourself.

OM Shanti.


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