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Where Was I In January? February 12, 2010

Aside from visiting my dad in Nashvegas for his 82nd birthday and diving into a search for full-time Communications work, I spent the month teaching and training.


To complement their intense season-end meets, I lead yoga classes for the Catholic University swim team (Go Cardinals!).  Cultivating “The Zone” by following yogic principles, we concentrated on flexibility, mobility, breath work and deep concentration – once again inspired by John Douillard’s book “Body, Mind and Sport.”  Not only did I adore working with this great group of talented athletes and newbie yogis – I just loved being “Coach Holly!”

And, returning to my original dream of teaching yoga to baseball players, I’ve had the honor of guiding pre-Spring-Training yoga sessions for Mike Sheridan, first baseman with the Tampa Bay Rays’ minor league system.  Aside from cultivating “The Zone,” we are focusing on hip/shoulder mobility for enhanced hitting power and infield performance.


I traveled to beautiful New Hope, PA for a weekend “Chakra Flow” workshop with Seane Corn, international instructor, founder of Off the Mat Into the World and overall yoga bad-a** (excuse my French, but she’s quite powerful).  It’s hard to describe how deeply transformational this workshop was.  Because Seane is rigorously honest and tells it like it is, I felt validated about being a yoga instructor who comes from hardship (some of you know that I didn’t get into yoga 16 years ago in order to be a spiritual person; I got into yoga because people strongly suggested it for addressing emotional pain).  During her targeted Vinyasa sets, I experienced a powerful shift in my 1st three chakras (ends up I was still storing some serious unresolved grief).  And Seane’s focus on yoga as an avenue for being of service in the world resounded deeply (see the “My Heart’s Desire” blog for more about my nonprofit idea).

In fact, I will hopefully participate in the Off the Mat Leadership Training at Omega Institute this June, pending scholarship support.  Learn more about OTM here: and about Seane’s personal yoga journey here: (Thanks to Jean Marie for this awesome link!)


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