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Welcome to The Urban Yoga Den September 24, 2009

Welcome to The Urban Yoga Den, where “it’s all yoga.”  Thanks to everyone who encouraged and informed this step along my yoga biz journey.

Please see the “About” page for more about this blog and me.

In this 1st post, I am compiling parts of my September and August e-newsletters, including:

  • WORKSHOP: “Meditation Myth Busters”
  • BI-MONTHLY FOCUS: Sept/Oct – Pranayama
  • BI-MONTHLY FOCUS: July/Aug – Shoulder and Hip Alignment
  • ONGOING CLASSES: Studio, Private, Etc.

WORKSHOP: “Meditation Myth Busters” this Saturday

I remember the 1st time that I meditated “successfully” – in 1990, after hitting an emotional, spiritual and physical bottom while living in New Orleans, I accepted an invitation to live with my sister in Florida.  Her home was peaceful – but I was not.  While sitting on the porch one afternoon, I couldn’t take the inner turmoil anymore…so I closed my eyes and focused on the sounds surrounding me.  Little-by-little, concentration on the sounds of bugs, breezes, leaves and water eased my ever-battling brain.  I moved on to the sense of touch, then smell, then taste.  Finally, I gently opened my eyes and took in my immediate surroundings.

My mind was at peace as I arrived in the present moment.

I call that a “successful” meditation because simple concentration shifted my state – I changed from achingly lost to simply here-and-now.  I had attempted different meditation styles before that day, but felt too resistant, too physically uncomfortable, too mentally preoccupied, or too busy to keep up the routine.  Now, I practice meditation styles that defy those obstacles and more.  And, regular practice continues to dissolve the kind of obstacles that led to that bottom in 1990.

In MEDITATION MYTH BUSTERS, I pass on the simple methods that have so generously been shared with me over the decades.  A sampler of one- to 10-minute mini-meditations from various origins and traditions, this lighthearted and open-minded workshop eases doubters and dabblers into a grasp-able personal practice.  Please join us!


Past Tense Yoga Studio in Mt. Pleasant, DC
At Mt. Pleasant St. & Park Rd., NW
Saturday, 9/26, 1:30-3:30pm

Please visit the “Services” page for additional workshops and ongoing class offerings.

BI-MONTHLY FOCUS: September/October – Pranayama

About a year ago, when I was dreaming of teaching yoga to baseball players, (decrease injuries, increase pitching speed), I attended a “Yoga for Athletes” workshop taught by champion mogul skier Anna Eberle.  I expected to get my butt kicked with three days of Power Yoga.  Instead, I learned how to breathe.  No kidding.  She focused on Pranayama the entire weekend.  By the end, I was a believer in nostril breathing and Deergha Swaasam – the deep, three-part breath that increases oxygenation up to seven times as normal (consequently increasing red blood cells and strengthening the immune system), and stabilizes/lowers the heart rate during rigorous activity and stressful situations.

So, for the next two months of classes, we will shift the focus from the physical (see the July/August Shoulders & Hips summary below) to the internal with Pranayama.  By the end of October, you will be calm and healthy enough to defy all holiday challenges!

Here is a sample Asana that we’ll be practicing in classes…

Please visit the “Tips-n-Tools” page for an archive of these instructions.

BI-MONTHLY FOCUS: July/August – Shoulder and Hip Alignment

Whether teaching private clients or studio classes, I am now choosing a two-month focus to shape each yoga set.  For July and August, the focus is SHOULDERS & HIPS.

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (the scriptures of yoga, recorded about 5,000 years ago), number 2.46 says, “STHIRA SUKHAM ASANAM” – “Asana is a steady, comfortable posture.”  It doesn’t say, “In yogic movement, we push or force our body into positions.”  Nope.  It says steady and comfortable.  Ahhhhh.

Integral Yoga (the style I’m certified to teach) reinforces this approach to movement by encouraging the student to cultivate ease, mobility and safety.  Two body areas that are frequently challenged in yoga and all physical health are the SHOULDERS (including NECK, RIBS, LUNGS, HEART) and HIPS (including HIP FLEXORS, PELVIS, LOWER SPINE).

So during July and August, whether practicing yoga or moving through life in exercise, work and play, consider these easeful tips…

Please visit the “Tips-n-Tools” page for an archive of these instructions.

ONGOING CLASSES: Private, Kids/Family, Trainings, etc.

Please visit the “Services” page for the most updated information about workshops and ongoing class offerings.


6 Responses to “Welcome to The Urban Yoga Den”

  1. Denyse Corrado Says:

    Congratulations! Great job. Love the blog…

  2. Holly Meyers Says:

    Thanks, Denyse, for giving me the push that I needed! OM Shanti.

  3. Ingrid Indrani Greenwood Says:

    Dear Holly,
    I love the site, so well done! So well explained and executed. You obviously love what you do and found your place as a yoga teacher and want to pass that wonderful knowledge on to others. I wish you great success!
    All my love and best wishes,
    Ingrid Indrani

  4. Karen Autrey Says:


    I just discovered your blog. This is lovely and it is now one of my “favorite” places. You inspire me.

    Om shanti

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